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Hello! I am Ms. Cugliotta. It is an honor to introduce myself as a Language Arts and Social Studies teacher.

If you are a student or a parent, you may want to check out our class website: http://cugliotta.weebly.com/

Why did I decide to become an English and Social Studies teacher? I chose this profession because being able to read and think through writing has opened my mind up to more than I could ever have imagined, and I want to help students feel that way too! For example, without reading, I would never have wondered about what life was like in the Americas before Christopher Columbus, or how it would be to travel as an escaped slave on the Underground Railroad. Without reading, I might have thought that all people in the world have comfortable houses and schools like I do. I might never have questioned what have children who live high up in the Himalayan Mountains where the land is too rough for roads. And, without reading, I might never have realized how much in common I have with those children! In addition, the thoughts I have swirling around in my head—those I share with others through my writing!

In fifth grade, our readings will take your brain to many different places. Through your writing, you’ll get to take other people’s brains along with you! (Whether you decide to take them to factual places, imaginary places, sad places or funny places will be up to you, the author.)

I have dedicated most of my adult life to teaching. In college, I studied English and Secondary Education. When I was first starting, I had teaching internships in schools in Thailand, China, and New Jersey. I even helped a college professor teach a writing course for incarcerated women. After finishing college, I taught 8th grade Language Arts locally for two years, English in Mexico for three years, and I began at Bell Oaks in 2011. Now, I have a Masters of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language, as well.

During my summers off, I have enjoyed teaching English at summer camps where students come here from all over the world to practice their English. I love learning about other cultures! I have been to fourteen foreign countries so far and hope to be able to go to Peru some day in the future to see the ancient Incan ruins.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy practicing Spanish, yoga, and salsa dancing. I also cherish spending time with my two brothers, my parents, and their cat, Rosie.

  • Favorite book of all time: Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Favorite way to write: humorous autobiography

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